These elements describe the measured loudness of the programme or content.


<loudnessMetadata loudnessMethod="ITU-R BS.1770" loudnessRecType="EBU R128" loudnessCorrectionType="file">


The loudnessMetata element contains these sub-elements and attributes:

Sub-element Description Type Quantity
integratedLoudness Integrated loudness value float 0 or 1
loudnessRange Loudness range float 0 or 1
maxTruePeak Maximum true-peak float 0 or 1
maxMomentary Maximum momentary loudness float 0 or 1
maxShortTerm Maximum short-term loudness float 0 or 1
dialogLoudness Loudness of the average dialogue float 0 or 1
Attribute Description Type Required
loudnessMethod The method or algorithm used to calculate the loudness. string No
loudnessRecType The RecType indicates which regional recommended practice was followed in the loudness correction of the audio. string No
loudnessCorrectionType The correction type is used to indicate what correction the audio, for example, file-based or real-time. string No