An audioContent element describes the content of one component of a programme (e.g. background music), and references one or more audioObject elements to tie the content to its format. This element includes loudness metadata.


<audioContent audioContentID="ACO_1001"
  <loudnessMetadata loudnessMethod="ITU-R BS.1770" loudnessRecType="EBU R128">
  <dialogue nonDialogueContentKind="2">0</dialogue>


Attribute Description Example Required
audioContentId ID of the content ACO_1001 Yes
audioContentName Name of the content Music Yes
audioContentLanguage Language of the content en Optional


 Sub-element Description Example Quantity
audioObjectIDRef Reference(s) to audioObject(s) AO_1001 1...*
loudnessMetadata Measured loudness of the content 0 or 1
dialogue Specifies the type of the content (non dialogue, dialogue, mixed) 0 or 1


This optional sub-element specifies the kind of content that is included in the parent audioContent. The dialogue sub-element can take the values 0 (no dialogue), 1 (pure dialogue) or 2 (mixed). It has an attribute that specifies the type of content using defined lists (enumerators) of content kinds. The attribute is dependent on the value of the dialogue sub-element.

Value of dialogue Attribute Description
0 nonDialogueContentKind ID of the contained content kind (enumerator, see specification below)
1 dialogueContentKind ID of the contained content kind (enumerator, see specification below)
2 mixedContentKind ID of the contained content kind (enumerator, see specification below)

Dialogue types

nonDialogueContentKind Description
0 undefined
1 music
2 effect
dialogueContentKind Description
0 undefined
1 (storyline) dialogue
2 voiceover
3 spoken subtitle
4 audio description/visually impaired
5 commentary
6 emergency
mixedContentKind Description
0 undefined
1 complete main
2 mixed
3 hearing impaired