audioChannelFormat - Binaural


An audioChannelFormat represents a single sequence of audio samples on which some action may be performed, such as movement of an object, which is rendered in a scene. It is sub-divided in the time domain into one or more audioBlockFormats.

This is for binaural representation of audio. Given that binaural consists of two channels, the left and right ear, this is rather simple. As the name of the audioChannelFormat will be either “leftEar” or “rightEar” there is no other metadata required in audioBlockFormat.

The typeDefinition described here is for the 'Binaural' type, which is used for binaural audio. The audioChannelFormat definitions with the 'Binaural' type are already defined in the Common Definitions, so they do not need to be defined explicitly when generating ADM metadata.

The other types of audioChannelFormats are:


<audioChannelFormat audioChannelFormatID="AC_00050001"
                    typeLabel="0005" typeDefinition="Binaural">
  <audioBlockFormat audioBlockFormatID="AB_00050001_00000001"/>


The common audioChannelFormat attributes are used for the typeDefinition 'Binaural'.


The common audioChannelFormat sub-elements are used for the typeDefinition 'Binaural'.


The audioBlockFormat with typeDefinition 'Objects' uses the common audioBlockFormat attributes.