The audioPackFormat groups together one or more audioChannelFormats that belong together. Examples of audioPackFormats are ‘stereo’ and ‘5.1’ for channel-based formats. It can also contain references to other packs to allow nesting. The typeDefinition is used to define the type of channels described within the pack. The typeDefinition/typeLabel must match those in the referred audioChannelFormats. The sub-elements within audioPackFormat are dependent upon the typeDefinition or typeLabel of the audioPackFormat element.

Common Attributes

Attribute Description Example Required Default
audioPackFormatID ID for the pack. The yyyy digits of AP_yyyyxxxx_represent the type of audio contained in the pack. AP_00010002 Yes -
audioPackFormatName Name of the pack stereo Yes -
typeLabel Descriptor of the type of channel 0001 Optional*
typeDefinition Description of the type of channel DirectSpeakers Optional*
importance Importance of a pack. Allows a renderer to discard a pack below a certain level of importance. 10 is the most important, 0 is the least. 10 Optional

Common Sub-elements

 Sub-element Description Example Quantity
audioChannelFormatIDRef Reference to an audioChannelFormat AC_00010001 0...*
audioPackFormatIDRef Reference to an audioPackFormat AP_00010002 0...*
absoluteDistance Absolute distance in metres 4.5 0 or 1